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 Directions Take U.S 45 north from Watersmeet or south from Paulding Michigan to Robbins Lake Road. Turn left and drive for about a half a mile to the top of the second hill where you will encounter a barricade blocking the road (which is Old U.S. 45). BE CAREFUL! There will probably be a lot of people, so drive slowly. DIM YOUR HEADLIGHTS WHEN YOU TURN OFF OF U.S. 45 and turn them off as soon as possible when you arrive ! ! ! Your lights will be very annoying to the folks already there. (


Cliff Williams, in a February 26th email gives these directions:

Here are the is north of Watersmeet on whatever road passes through Paulding and Watersmeet and Bruce Crossing (i do believe it's 45, but I'm not sure).

1.... If you're going south, it's on your right, on a dirt road that makes a 45 degree angle to the perpendicular of US45. (Note in the above topo map, its the intersection by the 'O' in 'Nation')

I don't know what the road's name is, but there's a brown sign before the road that says "Robbin's Pond" among some other words. I doubt the road is on Mapquest too.

2....Once on the road, you just drive straight about 200 yards and you'll come upon a guardrail. Stop there and wait. You   should be on an elevation with a slight decline. The power lines are on you right also. The light will appear over the power lines way off in front of you. If you walk down the decline, you'll come to a small stream. Cross that and you'll come to the old railroad tracks (supposed railroad tracks). If the light doesn't show, wait will.


At one time, Ripley's Believe It Or Not offered in excess of $100,000 to the person or persons who could solve a bizarre light phenomenon in Paulding, Michigan. Nearly every clear evening, strange circular spheres of light dance on the horizon of the tiny community, and at one point seem to follow the pathway of electrical lines. The lights have been captured on film by Michigan Magazine and Channel Six News out of Marquette. Experts from Ripley's have been to the location to examine the phenomenon. At the location of the Paulding lights, the Michigan Forest service has put up signs which indicate the best area from which the lights can be seen. So far, no logical conclusions have been reached. The lights have been witnessed as being red, white and green. These lights are not to be confused with the Northern Lights. They are a phenomenon that is unique to Paulding, Michigan. Locals say the lights have been viewed for a long time. Eye witnesses claim to have seen the lights way back at the turn of the century, while on their way to the train depot at Watersmeet.

Various legends have developed concerning the lights. One myth explains the lights as the ghost of a railroad brakeman, while other say it is the ghost of an Indian dancing on the power lines. Some locals attest to the fact that the lights start over Lake Superior and make their way inland. The public is welcome to view the strange lights. Mystic Michigan is available from regional booksellers as well as by sending $7.00 to: Zosma Publications PO Box 73 Cadillac, MI 49601 (

The Paulding Lights The Paulding Lights are the mysterious red and white lights that appear for no apparent reason in Paulding, Michigan. These lights have been the source of much speculation; is it a ghost with unfinished business? Or is there a scientific fact that explains the cause?

"This is the location from which the famous Paulding Light(s) can be observed. Legend explains its presence as a railroad brakeman's ghost, destined to remain forever at the sight of his untimely death. He continually waves his signal lantern as a warning to all who come to visit."

"To observe the phenomenon, park along this forest road, facing the north. The light will appear each evening in the distance, along the power line right-of-way." Among the many stories that have circulated due to the lights are the following; - A brakeman on a caboose was checking the rails, when the caboose derailed and crushed him. While the caboose's lights are red and green, the green cover of the light may have broken in the crash, leading to a white light. - A miner, John Floyd, who died in an explosion, is trying to return to his home. The lights seen are the lights of his lantern and axe. - A lumberjack killed an engineer after insulting the engineer's girlfriend. The girlfriend then dated the lumberjack. The story goes that the engineer searches at night for his lost soul. - Scientific reasons, including mineral deposits, swamp gas, and lights reflecting off from Lake Superior For directions, refer to these two sites: Yahoo Map to The Paulding Lights and Map and Driving Directions . The site is located at Robbins Pond National Campground. (



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