The Oviedo Light...Maps etc

This is from 'Old Sparkeys website ( Introduction You will go from the low land swamps to the higher lands with pine's then back down to the St. Johns prairie area. When you start your trip, there are the cypress forests then to a higher bank area with pines and oaks. Now you will be entering the area of the Oviedo Lights. This is the area where State Road 13 (Snowhill Road) intersects the river and a long time ago there were two Indian mounds there and double wood bridges. The center portion of the two bridges was the Indian mound. Anyway it is a local supernatural phenomenon that I have tried to see and have even camped there wishing to see it without any luck, or I was asleep at the time, one never knows how things work.

Oviedo, Florida



Intersection with Econlockhatchee River as it enters Little Big Econ State Forest