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This is from 'Strange people, places etc: Charlie Carlson 's Strange Florida. From the files of UNX-Research" ( The OVIEDO LIGHTS On Snow Hill Road near Oviedo and Chuluota, Florida, every local, and especially the kids, know about the Oviedo Light, also called the Chuluota Light. It the typical story of a ghost light, greenish hazy blob of light that rises up and fades away, except in some reports where it has been alleged to have chased people. UNX investigated this one with one of our contributing geologists and a biologist. Sorry to spoil the fun, but the eerie light is another swamp gas event, simply caused by decaying bio-mass releasing methane gas. This also accounts for why the strange lights are seen mostly in late Spring and thru the summer months. DRATS!Solving a mysterious phenomenon always takes the fun out of it. But visit our GUESTBOOK and read what others have to say about the weird and wonderful world of strange encounters & events, and let us hear about yours too!!!

This is from 'Old Sparkeys website ( Introduction I like rivers and Florida has over 66 of them. The Suwannee is the longest (paddling river) going from the Okefenokee to the Gulf of Mexico or a total distance of 213 miles. It is the trip of a lifetime. And if you can do it I would suggest that you do. If you want any good information about the trip then check out Canoeing and camping the Suwannee in the links section. It's Bill Logan's web. I have paddled the Suwannee with him several times. Now for shorter runs there is the Peace River that runs from the Green Swamp to the Gulf of Mexico and will take about a week to do it. If you start out in the Green Swamp watch out for the Skunk Ape or our answer to Big Foot... yes he does live there and has been sighted and is a Florida Legend. No, I have paddled and camped there without seeing it but was wishing that I would and have sure tried to see him or her. The Econlockhatchee is the river that I live real close to and have spent most of my life on. The Econ, as we call it, is a real good river to paddle and fish. You will go from the low land swamps to the higher lands with pine's then back down to the St. Johns prairie area. When you start your trip, there are the cypress forests then to a higher bank area with pines and oaks. Now you will be entering the area of the Oviedo Lights. This is the area where State Road 13 (Snowhill Road) intersects the river and a long time ago there were two Indian mounds there and double wood bridges. The center portion of the two bridges was the Indian mound. Anyway it is a local supernatural phenomenon that I have tried to see and have even camped there wishing to see it without any luck, or I was asleep at the time, one never knows how things work. Growing up in this area I have camped, fished and played in the area and on the Indian mound. By the way Econlockhatchee in Seminole translates to. "River of many Mounds", if you know where they are. Now as I said Florida has a lot of rivers and all of them are really great places to paddle. Also, you can do some in one day or a part of a river in one day. You also have the ability of spending a night or more on the banks of one of the rivers hearing all of the wildlife, owls, night birds, Chucks will's widow, armadillo's, and naturally the raccoons trying to get your food or just looking the camp over. If you would want to do a river for a day trip.... Have a great time and if you want to do an overnight or longer paddle, feel free to contact me at

From Geneva-Chuluota Historical Trail web site: ( By Steve Rajtar 1999. 28....Oviedo Lights (Snowhill Lights) For many years, while there was a smaller bridge here, this was a popular place to park at night. With the car's lights off, an eerie glow would appear, sometimes described as blue and gaseous, or white with a yellow glow. It would appear on the shore beyond the bridge, or sometimes on the bridge itself, or over the river's surface. The new bridge was completed in 1996. (Continue driving south 2.1 miles on Snowhill Rd. to its end at Brumley Rd. Drive west on Brumley Rd., south on Ave. H, west on Second St., south on Ave. F, and east on Center St. to the intersection with Lake Mills Ave. Park at the VFW Post 1039 building.)(8.4, 30.1) Southeast corner of Ave. E and Center St. (1135 7th St.)


Satellite photo of N-S Snowhill road and intersection with Econlockhatchee River to north( top)