What is some typical misinformation?


1... People haven't figured out what causes those lights after a couple of centuries of trying. This is contributed by a person writing about a family vacation. (Blair Cummins, http://www.ufomind.com/ufo/updates/2000/apr/m09-008.shtml)

2... It is our presumption that the Marfa lights phenomenon cannot be quantified or explained through the conventional scientific method. Not only are these lights mysterious, but they are also downright unconventional, (The Ghost Hunters Net, http://www.theghosthunters.net/marfa_lights_live_xc.htm)

3... Thousands of visitors flock yearly to the small desert plain to witness the Ghost Lights. Few leave disappointed. And few have the same story.(Paranormal Research Primer, http://www.tje.net/para/wots/9903/99_03_15_01.htm omarm@onramp.net. from www.marfalights.com)

4... It has been said that storytelling in Texas is really nothing more than one tall tale after another with each participant trying to out-best the other. While this may be true for the majority of the State, it is not true for the citizens of the tiny town of Marfa. They know their tall tale cannot be outdone. Their mysterious night orbs have been investigated by so many reputable authorities and written into so many scientific journals that they are guaranteed their own place in history.( http://www.womenwritersblock.com/marfa_lights.htm

5... For those who don't believe the lights are car headlights, ignited gas, or the luminescent fur of jackrabbits (typical "scientific" explanations), there are several folktales surrounding the lights. (http://www.ghosts.org/ghostlights/marfa.html)

6, 7 and 8...William Syers in 'Ghost Stories of Texas' mentions Prof Edwin Miles at Sul Ross who has done extensive research into the Marfa Lights history. Miles has found that 'Sul Ross students talked awhile of the lights luring head-on crashes along US 90; the record does not bear this out. One account recalled a car pursued at speeds exceeding 100 m.p.h.; the car escaped, its rear badly burned. Again, no verification. Even the annihilated army search team has been discounted by Mile's research. A McCamey man claims its searchers were friends of his. Fortified by sufficient beer, they stole a base jeep and set out on a private quest, only to wreck the vehicle. What else then but to set it afire, steal back to base and leave the artifacts of legend"


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