How to get to Marfa



1.0) Getting to Marfa.

In almost any other part of Texas, a flat tire would be inconvenient. But in West Texas, it could be dangerous. While I could probably find help if I needed it, my father wasn't exaggerating when he said I'd have a long walk through nothing to get to it. (


If you rent a car and drive from San Antonio, it is a 404 mile drive that takes 7.3 hours according to MapQuest. From San Antonio, get on to I-10 West. Drive on I-10 for 321 miles to exit number 248, towards US-67 S/FM-1776/ALPINE. Turn LEFT onto FM 1776 and drive for 55 miles until it turns into Highway 67. Continue on another 30 miles until you reach Marfa. These instructions are not completely clear and a road map will help. The driving time can be shortened if I drive at 65 mph, to 6 hours.

As I figure it, if IMAGE has another Team meeting at Southwest Research, typically lasting 1.5 days, I could leave San Antonio by Noon the second day, and make it to Marfa by 6:00PM before sunset ( summer). I could explore the area, and observe the Lights that evening, and then early the next morning get up at sunrise and drive to several points south of the Viewing Area. Then, leaving at Noon, I could get to the San Antonio airport by, say, 9PM and take the flight back to Washington. (9PM San Antonio = 10 PM EST?). I would get in after midnight. This would make my trip, including the Marfa layover, 3 days long. Example Itinerary:

1...Wednesday...Leave for San Antonio Wednesday Afternoon. Hotel in San Antonio

2...Thursday.... Meetings. Hotel in San Antonio

3...Friday...Meeting in AM, Leave for Marfa in PM. Hotel in Marfa

4...Saturday...Explore Marfa from 6AM to 10AM, leave Marfa 10AM and arrive San Antonio Airport 4PM. Arrive home early morning after midnight.

5...This gives me 4 hours on Saturday, and 2 hours on Friday and 6 hours to drive around and explore the area.

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