The Hornet Light

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"The Spooklight has a nomadic history that may go back over 100 years in an area on either side of the Missouri-Oklahoma line, about three miles west of Hornet, a small community south of Joplin. The nocturnal light glows in the distance or moves up the road toward you as fast as a person could walk. At closer ranges, people have seen it as round, spherical or diamond-shaped, the size of a lantern light or large as a washtub. You can see trees and bushes through it, says one observer. It may float past you, dance around or split and shoot off in different directions. "

A 'GOOGLE' search turned up over TBD pages about Hornet Lights (Joplin Lights) alone.

  1. General Descriptions
  2. In The Media
  3. Tourism
  4. The Viewing Area
  5. Maps of Sighting Areas and Geography
  6. The view from the Viewing Area
  7. The Lights Themselves
  8. Naked Eye Accounts
  9. Telescopic Views
  10. The History of Sightings
  11. Photos from Various Web sites
  12. People mentioned in the accounts
  13. Theories about the lights
  14. Typical mis-information
  15. Are they car lights?