The Gurdon Light

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"The most popular "Halloween" attraction in Clark County, Arkansas must be the "Gurdon Light", a mysterious phenomena that has been appearing here for generations. Over the last several decades, hundreds of witnesses have observed the light. It has been seen on local television stations and has been photographed by students at nearby Henderson State University. There is no doubt that the light exists.... although what it is and what legends are behind its existence remains to be seen. Gurdon, Arkansas is located on south of Little Rock and is a small, sleepy little town of only about 2,000 people. It is said that many of the local people have Gurdon have seen the "light" more than one hundred times in their life and while it is an accepted fact of this place, those same people still have no idea just how to explain why the light exists. There is a legend, which will come as no surprise to "ghost light buffs", that tells of a railroad worker who was working along a stretch of tracks outside of town. He accidentally fell into the path of an oncoming train and his head was severed from his body. "

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