The Dover Light

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Subject: ghost light Story

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 12:37:24 -0500


Dover, Arkansas


I live in Russellville, Ar and about 9 miles north is the town of Dover, where the lights get their name. About 10 miles north of that is an overlook called "The Dover Lights." Everyone in the area knows about them and it is a popular hang-out spot. The overlook looks out over a valley in the Ozarks. I have seen the lights myself many times having been there well over 200 times. The lights appear in the valley and flicker and sway most of the time. On one active occasion I saw them move about 3 miles in around 10-15 seconds. They appear all colors and can even light up the whole valley. I have been meaning to take a telescope up there and find out what they are for sure. I also plan to get some pictures of them. I hope you find this interesting, if not oh well I can cope.


Brian Renfro


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From: "Darren L. Kennemer" (


Subject: Dover lights

Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 20:38:05 -0500


Some friends and I went to see the Dover lights on May 10 and had quite an experience. We got there a little after midnight. It was very dark because there was alot of cloud cover. We looked over the valley and waited but didn't really see anything. There were some faint lights but they were hard to see and didnt really convince us that anything strange was going on. Since the legend has to do with Spanish conquistadors looking for their lost treasure, one my friends told me to yell "I have your treasure." He said that when you yell that the lights are supposed to move toward your direction and seem to be coming after you. Well, since nothing was happening and we were getting bored I decided to yell it. As soon as i did this bright white light appeared in the valley and lasted for several seconds. It was as if it directly responded to my statement. We all got pretty scared after that. Soon after we saw several other lights appear on and off. Some flickered, some were red, and they did actually seem to be coming our way, slowly but surely. We stayed around for a while longer and left cause we were pretty freaked out.