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From: "Kevin Cantley" ( To: Subject: Bingham's Light Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 12:17:10 -0700 Bingham's Light in Dillon SC is one of the Scariest things I've Ever witnessed. You get off Of I-95 Dillon exit and at the Historical Marker (I'm not sure what the Marker has on it) you will see a dirt road that leads into the woods. Park and walk about a mile or so and start yelling for him. you will know when you are close cause the temperature will drop drastically. His name is John Bingham. He was hit by a train in the late 1800s or early 1900s depending on who you ask in town. He was flagging the train with a Lantern and his lantern is what you will see swaying back and forth. The Tracks are no longer there. I've been there 4 or 5 Times and every time I go, Something wierd happens. 1st Time: The light actually got in my face about 3ft away and I got sick. 2nd the motor in my friends brand new car blew up on the dirt road. (He had only had the car 4 days). 3rd time We bogged a four wheel drive Jeep down on the dirt road. 4th time my friends shot it with a 30.06 rifle (After making sure that it wasn't some idiot out there playing a Joke) and it split and turned different colors. All this stuff happened in a 2 week period. If you ever go, You will get the feeling that you need to go back. PM magazine that used to be on TV did a Story on Binghams Light. Just thought you would like to know about it.

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Bingham's Light, Dillon, SC To summon the light, simply yell for John (or possibly Bill) Bingham. One report describes that the temperature appears to drop rapidly just before the light appears. Bingham was apparently hit by train, in the late 1800's, or early 1900's. Local folklore attributes the appearance of the light to Bingham flagging down the train with a lantern. The train tracks no longer there (although the light still seems to appear). The light was one shot with a 30.06 rifle; it split and changed colours. The light appears in some woods and is a popular target for kids, according to a page on It changes colour when you shout at it, and appears when you call it... are the characteristics and appearance of this light intrinsically linked to the sound of human voices? It would appear to be a distinct possibility from the anecdotal evidence gathered. A link: Bingham's Light, from the Southern Ghost Stories site.

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Bingham's Light Location:Community of Bingham in Dillon County Sent in by sonnet_lyric Don't really know the history of the story too much, i've heard different histories of it. But the one i heard was about this black man named Bill Bingham.Now other stories say his name was John Bingham. He was walking down these railroad tracks out near the swamps of Reedy Creek Springs. Ive heard diferent stories of why he walked these tracks,one was that he was a murderer and this is where he placed the bodies, one was he was walking that way to go home like it was a short cut or something. He walked with a lanteren. Story says that the train came and ran over him. Different stories say his head was cut off, some say he just got killed. And now he is still walking the tracks today looking for his head, and the other story is that he is trying to get to his home. I never could find out the true history on it like most ghost tales. But i will tell you tht it is really a ghost/spirit there. So here's my story of me,my friends and my cousins that use to go on ghost hunts. This is a very popular story in my neck of the woods, the story hangs around high schools around here. Because thats where i heard about it. So we got a litle history on it and planed our road trip. We live in Darlington and Chesterfield county. We got the directions from our friends that has been before. i will fill you on them later. The story begins with us getting out of our cars and trucks. We had to take about three vehicles cos there was about 10-13 of us going. We pulled into the old muddy road not far from Interstate-95. We had to get out and walk,because of the rain that destroyed the road. It has mud holes that are very deep, you would have to walk it out a good mile to get to it. Because of mud,holes and dirt humps that are piled up so no one will enter with vehicles. So we walked on til we got to the cross roads. Now the rail road tracks are not there anymore,but you can tell that was once some there. My cousin had to instruct us on what to do cos he was there once before. We all stood there and started screaming out his name "Bill Bingham come out!!!come out Bingham! After about one minute we saw a faint glow in front of the way we were facing. It moved closer and closer towards us.Then it would vanish,then reappear again.If you cursed at it,it would change colors from white,to red to green. So i come up with the idea of us walking towards it where it would appear. As five of us walked we heard the others scream out "it's behind you!"I turned around and it was floating between our group. Then it vanished,then reappeared in front of us,i mean like face to face! I could see a dark black shadow behind the light. Could not make out a body nor a face, just a shadow. I could not feel any heat off the light,just coldness. It didn't have a shine nor a brightness to it. Just a glow to it. After standing there for just like a minute or so, one of my cousins couldnt take the fear any longer, so we started to run back towards the cross roads and it followed us.then vanished again. Another time we went it was about 8 of us,we walked the mile then got to the cross roads and made the call to Bingham. It came out and started to float fast towards us, our friends that was there for the first time got scared and started to run,the mud was so bad they kept on slipping and falling. Me and my cousin that has been there before just stood there and said to eachother "we gotta see whats with this light" as it got like 30 feet from us the fear ran through my blood,i couldnt stand there any longer. I could like feel that it was mad,i felt a bad vibe from it. Because it was changing colors. The way it was floating it surprised me, it was like a lanteren swaying back in forth. So we started runing, we slipped and fell so many times, ever time i looked back at was like 10 feet from us still floating fast. It passed the cross roads and went about 100 yds from chasing us. It just vanished then reappeared in front of us. It just sat there floating in one place then after a few seconds it just vanished. I've thought it over and over trying to figure out if it was a prank or not. Me and a friend came back to the cross roads back in the day light hours we scanned the area for prints or cords/ropes. But none were found. There's no way a human can run through that mud we ran through without falling, and we never heard any sounds while it floated. What we saw there both times is what other people saw and told us. My conclusion of it is that is really the ghost of Bingham.