Here is the chronological record of mentions of the 'Harden' or 'Bragg' Light


1995... "For decades, visitors to Ghost Road have reported seeing a floating ball of light that varies from softball- to basketball-size." (AP article in Palestine Herald Press newspaper, May 25, 1995)

1992. . Article by Lindee, Herbert; "Ghost Lights of Texas," Skeptical Inquirer, 16:400, 1992.

1974...National Geographic Article. October 1974. Page 524-528. The reporter went on a viewing with Arthur Fullingim who is the Editor of the Kountze News. Age 72 at this time.

1960... . In summer 1960 Archer Fullingim, editor and publisher of the Kountze News, began running front page stories speculating on the nature of the light; these stories were picked up and carried in metropolitan newspapers in Texas and elsewhere. Light seers visited Bragg Road by the hundreds. They described the light, disagreeing as to its color or characteristics, but agreeing that a ghostly light of some sort frequented the road.

TBD... Tales of a ghostly light gathered steam in the 1940's, '50s and '60s as more people traveled to the road. (Resource 1: From the Big Thicket Directory...

TBD... The name Ghost Road was attached in this century after a number of tales that center around a ghostly light that is said to be seen on certain occasions at night. (Resource 1: From the Big Thicket Directory...

1901 - 1934. Bragg Road was originally a seven-mile bed for a Santa Fe branchline from Bragg Station, on what is now Farm Road 1293, to Saratoga. The rails were laid in 1901 and pulled in 1934, but the bed remained and became a well used road through some of the densest woods in the Big Thicket. (Resource 2: From the Handbook of Texas web site (