The Big Thicket Light

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"When we first got there it was dusk and so we could still see the dirt road and the tall overhanging trees. We drove down the road until we could not see or hear the highway noise, from were we came. We parked the car and waited for the darkness. It seemed to take hours (1-2) I had suggested that we should turn our headlights on because it was so dark, but my brother said that the light would keep the "Bragg Light" from appearing. Just then my brother shouted "look down there, there it is" . At first I could not make it out, Then I saw a small yellow light that seemed to be about a half mile or more away. The more we stared at it the brighter and closer it came. Then suddenly the color changed to amber and the light started moving from side to side."

A 'GOOGLE' search turned up over 2,800 pages about Big Thicket Light alone, and most of them are either repetitious, or are basically the same type of uncritical discussion.



Background Information

  1. How to get to Big Thicket, Texas
  2. Early History
  3. Rail Road History of the road and surroundings
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Geographical Information

  1. Maps of Sighting Areas and Geography

Observations of the Lights

  1. Naked eye accounts.
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  1. Theories about the lights
  2. Typical mis-information
  3. Are they car lights?