What is the typical temperature on Mars?

The daytime SURFACE temperature is about 80 F during rare summer days, to -200 F at the poles in winter. The AIR temperature, however, rarely gets much above 32 F.

The temperatures on the two Viking landers, measured at 1.5 meters above the surface, range from + 1 F, ( -17.2 C) to -178 F (-107 C). However, the temperature of the surface at the winter polar caps drop to -225 F, (-143 C) while the warmest soil occasionally reaches +81 F (27 C) as estimated from Viking Orbiter Infrared Thermal Mapper.

In 2004, the Spirit rover recorded the warmest temperature around +5 C and the coldest is -15 Celsius in the Guisev Crater.

For more martian weather reports from the surface, visit the Mars Global Surveyor weather page

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