When was the last Blue Moon in February, and when will the next one be?

Don't hold your breath!

The lunar month is 29.53 days long. The largest number of days in February is 29.00000000 days. This means that even if the first Full Moon of February was at midnight on February 1 of a Leap Year, the very next Full Moon would be 0.5 x 24 = 12 hours after midnight on February 29, or in other words on the first day of March! The last time there was a Full Moon on February 1 was in 1980 at 2:22 UT. This was a Leap Year so the very next Full Moon happened on March 1 at 21:00 UT. The next time we get a Full Moon on February 1 will be in the year 2026 at 22:10, which is not a Leap Year. The Full Moon after that will happen on March 3 at 11:39.

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