Will humans ever be able to live on Venus?

No. The surface temperature is about 730 K ( 854 F), and the surface pressure is 90 times that at Earth's sea level. You would be boiled and crushed in an instant! You could not even get from your spacecraft to a protected, pre-fabricated home base without being squashed!

Some people, science fiction enthusiasts among them, advocate a process called 'terraforming' in which a series of process are set in motion to transform a planet into an inhabitable one. Evidently for Venus, it has been advocated that dumping a certain kind of bacteria into the atmosphere which metabolizes carbon dioxide and sulpheric acid, converting them into oxygen and other useful by- products, could over the course of a few centuries, decrease the carbon dioxide and stop the Greenhouse Effect which currently keeps Venus regulated to 854 F at the surface. The proposal seems implausible and probably unethical.

Copyright 1997 Dr. Sten Odenwald

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