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  1. [Updated]What is known about the Mars meteorite ALH84001?
  2. [Updated]Are the Viking landers still working?
  3. [Updated]Is there really a face on Mars?
  4. [Updated]Can Mars hold an atmosphere as thick as the Earth's?
  5. [Updated]Where did all the martian water go?
  6. [Updated]What is the best place to look for fossils on Mars?
  7. [Updated]At what distance would Mars be eclipsed by Earths shadow?
  8. What is the typical temperature on Mars?
  9. How long would a trip to Mars take?
  10. How long did it take for Pathfinder to get to Mars?

  11. Is it really possible for life to exist on Mars?
  12. Could life on Earth have started on Mars?
  13. What does the discovery of martian bacteria say about intelligent life in the universe?
  14. Do you believe that life once existed on Mars?
  15. Could life have formed on Earth then gotten to Mars billions of years ago?
  16. Is there enough oxygen on Mars to support life?
  17. What is the evidence for water on Mars?
  18. What do we know about the seismic activity on Mars?
  19. Will Sojorner be able to see the Earth and Jupiter in the sky from Mars?
  20. Are the moons of Mars really moons, or are they asteroids?
  21. If you dropped a dead body on Mars, would it start life there?
  22. Exactly how tall is Olympus Mons on Mars?
  23. What is the composition of the martian atmosphere?
  24. How bright are the moons of Mars from its surface?
  25. Do you think humans will ever live on Mars?
  26. Why is Mars red?
  27. Has life existed on Mars before?


  1. [Updated]Can you terraform a planet to make it like the Earth?

  2. Why are the north and south hemispheres of Mars so different?


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