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Space Math @ NASA - Math problems galore!

Space Weather - All about nasty solar storms

Sun-Earth Day 2011 - My essays about our sun

Transit of Venus Diaries - The 2004 Big Event!

Cosmological Research - My Big Co-Discovery

The Mystery of Gravity - All things gravitational

A Career in Astronomy - Episodes from my life

The Big Bang: A to Z - You name it...Its in there!

Astronomy Articles - General astronomy topics

Weird Things in the Attic - Ghost lights etc, etc.


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Solar Storms!

Culled from thousands of newspaper headlines and stories since the early-1800s, and diary accounts,this full-color, lavishly-illustrated book gives a personal, human insight to the most dramatic 150 'space weather' events of the last few millennia.
($29.95; 174 pages; 136 illus.)

Ask the Astronomer

The Top-100 most frequently asked questions at Ask the Astronomer from 1995 to 2015! Over 10 million requests for these FAQs. What is Dark Matter? Will Betelgeuse become a supernova? Can a planet ever explode? And many others!!! ($9.26; 10 tables; 156 pages)

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