What is the Typical Temperature on Mars?

The daytime surface temperature is about 80 F during rare summer days, to -200 F at the poles in winter. The air temperature, however, rarely gets much above 32 F.

The temperatures on the two Viking landers, measured at 1.5 meters above the sursurface, range from + 1 F, ( -17.2 C) to -178 F (-107 C). However, the temperature of the surface at the winter polar caps drop to -225 F, (-143 C) while the warmest soil occasionally reaches +81 F (27 C) as estimated from Viking Orbiter Infrared Thermal Mapper.

In 2004, the Spirit rover recorded the warmest temperature around +5 C and the coldest is -15 Celsius in the Guisev Crater.

The Curiosity Rover landed in August 2012 and has been steadily building up an enormous data base of meteorological conditions and measurements. Here from its equatorial location in Gale Crater are its temperature readings.

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