Can you exceed the speed of light by manipulating space-time in some way?

Other than in science fiction, there is absolutely no known way to exceed the speed of light and to transmit matter or information in that manner.

We need hard evidence that nature permits such things to happen, and this evidence is completely lacking. Physicists have been accelerating electrons to within a millimeter/sec of the speed of light for decades and have never seen any departure from what is strictly permitted by special relativity. There is no 'gap' or 'quirk' that has ever been experimentally discovered that shows light-weight electrons can surmount the speed of light.

Another problem is that we do not actually know what the structure of spacetime is. All we know is that it is defined by the worldline geometry of particles. It is not something that preexists matter and energy, so other than pathologies such as black holes, we do not know what it means to actually 'manipulate' spacetime. Spacetime is manipulated by altering the worldlines of particles, not the other way around.

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